Hiring process became easy and now day’s companies are finding simple

Hiring process became easy and now day’s companies are finding it simple. You can determine how efficiently and easily hiring team can do their jobs.

Things which recruiter do not like to see in a resume

Composing the resume should be done with proper care since it is the key to your interview. There are many factors which recruiters do not appreciate on any resumes. Ensure that you avoid the common blunders that many make which we have mentioned here. The hiring process is very technical and hence you’re approach to … Continue reading “Things which recruiter do not like to see in a resume”

Things you need to keep in mind as a new recruiter

Recruitment for any institute or company is a task of huge responsibility and understanding and hence should be done with proper care. There are many details related to recruitment for any institute and factors which influence recruitment.

eRecruitment is one of the many pros of the Internet age

E-recruitment is one of the numerous pros of the internet age. Employers from different spectrums are always emailing recruits for job openings. The use of staffing software has also made it way easier to manage different personalities at the same time. As an employer you ought to email your candidates with the most critical information … Continue reading “eRecruitment is one of the many pros of the Internet age”

Advantages of Choosing a Great Applicant Tracking System

There are a number of applicant tracking systems are available in the market. After knowing its advantages it is fruitful to buy an ATS that fits an organization and make the recruiting process technology driven.

Difference Between Hiring and Recruiting

AppliView is a ready to use applicant tracking system, extremely useful for companies or staff recruiting services for all their recruiting needs. It has features similar to job portals, social media sites and fully automated system. The inbuilt system makes it fascinating and interesting.

Effective Recruiting Strategies To Hire Best Talent

This is a creative type of recruitment and becoming popular. The company invites the talented job seekers to its premises and throws open the working environment to the invitees. The company sends invitation about open house recruitment to the talent pool candidates at least two to three weeks ahead of the event.

How to Avoid Basic Recruiting Mistakes

The recruitment process is very essential for the company and it is in fact a hunt for the right candidate. But making basic mistakes can ruin the entire process and end up in either recruiting inappropriate candidate or re-run the entire recruiting formalities.

Only the Best Applicant Tracking Systems Can Do This

Applicant tracking system helps recruiters in a tremendous way. It is extremely cost effective for smaller business without the need of a human resources manager. With the help of ATS, it is easy and simple to bring out the best candidates to the top of the pile.