Candidates Tracking System

  • Master database of candidates

    Create a huge candidate database with this unique candidate tracking system and use it anytime. You can collect resumes from sophisticated career websites we provide, online job portals, via email, or you can import bulk resumes from your computer to recruitment software. Once a candidate is paired with a specific job or selection, the resume remains in the recruitment database for future references and you can review an applicant’s history at any time.
  • Save time with accurate searches

    Our innovative applicant tracking software and interface design empowers you to find exactly what you are looking for and hides additional details to save your time and energy. If you are searching applicants from a specific city or with specific experience, it just shows those details and hides other information from your interface.
  • Customize the display columns

    The data we present to you on-screen is fully customizable and you can select the data you would like to see in either a table or list. You can also decide the columns (fields) you would like to see. This is quick and simple. For example, in recruitment database the field name is "Cell No." You can edit it to "Mobile No."
  • Applicant list by jobs

    You won’t be overwhelmed by the sheer number of resumes you receive from your career website or job portals provided by this e-recruitment solution. We provide you a single-click filter to list applicants by jobs.
  • Export to Excel/CSV

    Export all the jobs and applicants to an Excel file. You can also export specific sets (e.g. only selected) of applicants.
  • Download or print resumes

    Download and print a resume for a single applicant or download a zip file with resumes of selected applications with just a single click.