Online recruitment solution with Effective Communication

  • Fully automatic and customized email communication

    With AppliView recruitment solution all the emails and updates are sent automatically. For example, if an applicant’s status is changed, all concerned parties, like recruiters, HR managers, interviewers and candidates, are notified automatically via email. You also control the contents of each notice/update being sent.
  • Bulk email to all candidates

    With this feature you can send bulk email to all candidates for a job or send an email to all candidates by their status. For example, you can send an email to all the candidates whose status has been marked as ‘On Hold’.
  • Scheduling, activities, reminders and Microsoft Outlook integration

    A robust scheduling feature provides all required tools to plan your activities. We provide calendars, reminders, interview schedules and seamless Microsoft Outlook calendar integration. You get reminders at the exact time irrespective to your time zone.
  • Interview Calendar

    A detailed interview and activity calendar of recruiters and interviewers. It provides all required details about jobs, candidates and interview schedules with a single click.
  • Job alerts

    The complete human resource software with a powerful tool to send an alert to potential candidates when new jobs related to their profiles are added. Candidates can select the categories and functional areas they are interested in, and they are regularly updated by email and SMS.
  • Communicate with candidates

    With this agency software we’ve made communicating with candidates fast and simple. Candidates are updated on the fly by an email and SMS. Candidates can also log in to their area and see the status of their application. You can also communicate with one or many candidates by a bulk email feature.
  • Custom email signatures and branding

    All the emails being sent by the system are fully customizable and controlled in this HR system. You can have an organizational or individual signature, logo and slogan for each email being sent.