Manage and Customize

  • Email templates
    AppliView sends an automatic email to all concerned people (e.g. recruiters, interviewers, candidates and HR managers) on each important event, and we provide you full control over emails being sent. You can customize the text of all emails as per your requirements and it is as simple as typing a letter.
  • Customize display columns
    The data we present to you in recruitment system-screen is fully customizable and you can select the data you like to see in either a table or list. You can also decide the columns (fields) you like to see. This is quick and simple. For example, field name in this Job Application Software is "Cell No." You can edit it to "Mobile No."
  • Customize size and display of columns
    With this outstanding e-recruitment solution you can also customize the width of each column display just by drag and drop and you can also change the order of display allowing you to prioritise the most important information you wish to see first.
  • Custom fields for job post and applicant resumes
    We know each job and each organization has unique requirements and "standard" fields may not be sufficient. With our unique custom fields feature you can create as many additional fields you require. You can also create additional fields for application submission in this Job Application software.
  • Exclusive interface for clients or recruitment agencies
    If you are a corporate HR manager, you can provide an exclusive and fully controlled interface to external recruitment agencies. If you are a recruitment agency, you can provide manageable access to all your clients. All the interfaces are customizable, meaning they can be fully branded.
  • Custom database (job status, qualification, functional area, etc.)
    Change the entire application as per your requirements and customize to your organization. You can add additional data or can edit the default data we have provided.
  • Role-based access (for clients, recruiters, interviewers, HR managers).
    Role-based access control (RBAC) is an approach to restricting system access to authorized users. RBAC is sometimes referred to as role-based security. AppliView is a highly RBAC system and provides different access levels and privileges to different roles, e.g., clients or recruiters can access only restricted information and administrations can have full control over who can access what.