Recruitment Agency

Approval Process Approval Process
Publish Publish
Candidate Database Candidate Database
Candidate sourcing Candidate sourcing
Job requirement Job requirement
Interview Process Interview process
Recruitment Decision Recruitment decision
Review and analysis Review and analysis

Job requirement
Job requirement

  • Unlimited Job posting
  • Role base access (recruiter, HR Manager, interviews)

Candidate Database
Candidate Database

  • Match in candidate database
  • Search with large candidate database
  • Create huge database of candidates

Approval Process
Approval Process

  • Client login and client area
  • Job approval process by status management
  • Customized email notification


  • Publish to website
  • Publish to career portal
  • Publish to Job site
  • Publish on Facebook and Twitter
  • Share on other social medias
  • Send by an email
  • Mass emailing to candidate database
  • Automatic email notification to matching candidates

Candidate sourcing
Candidate sourcing

  • Referral
  • Facebook and Linked
  • Automated resume parsing
  • Candidate login and tracking

Interview Process
Interview process

  • Interviewer login
  • Automated workflow for interview
  • Email notifications
  • Interview calendar and outlook integration
  • Interviewers’ rating and feedback
  • Status updates

Review and analysis
Review and analysis

  • Robust rating system
  • Client review and feedback
  • Automated candidate matching system
  • One click filter for obvious mismatch
  • Filter by rating
  • Filter by status

Recruitment Decision
Recruitment decision

  • Selection process
  • Email notification
  • Appointment letter