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Candidates’ List

A master list of the candidates database, it shows all the candidates available in AppliView.

Candidates’ List

View Resume

Shows resume details about a selected candidate.

View Resume


Shows the history of a selected candidate. Please note that it is only about the history within the AppliView system.


View Interviews

Shows interview list of a selected candidate.

View Interviews

Print Resume

Exports candidate details in PDF format which you can print or email.

Print Resume

Upload Resume

Allows uploading a resume file (Microsoft Word or PDF) of a selected candidate. You can upload only one resume per candidate; if you upload a new resume, it replaces the old one.

Upload Resume



With this, you can search the candidates database by different options like first name, last name, gender, email, skills, experience, current location, designation, and preferred location. Select an option from the dropdown, enter your keyword or text in the textbox and press “enter.”

Filter (By Functional Area)

You can also filter your entire list by functional or business area, just select a functional area from the dropdown.

Filter (By Functional Area)

Sorting and Customize Columns

You can also sort (ascending and descending) the list and and add or remove the display column in the list. You can also change the width of the columns. Please refer to the video for a demonstration.


Filter (By Functional Area)

Customized Columns

Customized Columns



Paging shows the total number of records available in the database along with a few navigation options. It shows 10 records on each page which scroll at 10 records per page. Using different options, you can navigate to the next page, last page, first page or previous page. You can also jump to any page by entering a page number.


List Alphabetically

For a large database of candidates you can sort alphabetically by first name.

List Alphabetically

Add New

Add a new candidate (manually) to the database. All fields marked with * are mandatory.

Add New


Introduction or summary about the candidate.

First Name

First name of the candidate.

Last Name

Last name of the candidate.

Date of birth

Date of birth for the candidate.


Gender of a candidate.

Skill Set

The candidate’s skills, separated by commas.

Working since

The year and month the candidate began working .


The candidate’s years of experience.


The candidate’s designation; select from the dropdown


The candidate’s industry.

Functional Area

Functional or business area.


Candidate’s email address.


Candidate’s phone number.


Candidate’s mobile cell phone number.

Day contact

Preferred day to contact candidate.

Prefer Contact Time

Preferred time to contact candidate.

Current company

Current company where candidate is employed.

Address 1

Street address of a candidate.

Address 2

Additional line for street address of a candidate, if needed.


Candidate’s city of residence.


The state where the candidate resides.


The candidate’s country of residence.

Zip code

Zip code, postal code or PIN for a candidate

Current Location

Location of a candidate’s current job.

Preferred Location

Location where a candidate would prefer to work.

Current Salary

Candidate’s current wages.

Expected Salary

Candidate’s expected salary.



The highest educational degree or certificate a candidate has achieved.


A candidate’s qualification, selected from the dropdown menu.


The name of educational institution the candidate attended.

Year of Passing

The year the candidate achieved the highest degree or certification.

Action (Delete)

To delete the qualification row.

Save and Add New

Allows you to save current qualification details entered above and add new qualification information for the same candidate.

Save and Next

If you have entered all required qualification details about the candidate, you can move to the next screen.


Additional types of experience for a candidate.

Company Name

Name of the company.


The designated position of the candidate within the company.

From (Month)

The month the candidate began employment with the company.

From Year

The year the candidate started.

To (Month)

The month the candidate ended employment with the company.

To (Year)

The year the candidate ended employment.

Job Profile

The job profile or description of a job at the company.

Add Experience

You can add more types of experience by clicking “Add Experience.” Add Experience This will save current details (added on the form above) and you can add new details.

Edit or Delete Experience

You may also edit or delete an added experience by clicking the edit or delete icon under the experience list. Edit or Delete Experience


You can add multiple details about projects, training and certification here.

Project /Training Title

The title of the project, training or certification.


The length of the project or training.


Detailed description.

Add more Projects/Training/Certification

You can add multiple details by clicking on “Add Project” button; Add Project his will save current details (added on the form above) and you can add new details.

Edit or Delete Projects/Training

To edit or delete projects to training, by click the edit or delete icon under the list.


A resume reference is someone who can verify information provided in a resume and support the candidate’s character. Enter the following details in “References.”


First Name

The first name of your reference.

Last Name

The last name or surname of your reference.


The reference’s email address.


The reference’s phone number.

Additional Info


Paste your text resume here.



This will take you to the previous screen of candidate details you are adding or editing.


Your new candidate is created and you are sent back to the list screen.


You are directed to the list of candidates


To change the candidate’s information, upload a resume or update a copy of the latest resume.


Edit information or upload a new resume or you can do both!



This action will delete a candidate from the database.


List All

Listing all candidates in the database.

List All

Import Candidates

Appliview helps you to parse or import resumes in bulk from any Excel/CSV file exported from any job portal or similar source.

Import Candidates


To select a job from the list.


Applicant Status

Select an applicant’s “open” status.

Applicant Status

Resume Source

Select an applicant’s “open” status.

Resume Source

Import File

To browse and select a candidate’s file which you wish to import to Appliview.

Import File

In case duplicate records are found:

In case duplicate records are found


To skip duplicate records.


To overwrite existing records.


Keep UTF-8


To email a new candidate’s registration details

check the text box.

candidate’s registration details

New users added this way are notified via email of their Appliview registration on.

Date Format

Select a date format from the list

Pre-saved formats

Select a pre-saved format from the list


Clicking on Import will import candidate data from an Excel/CSV file.


Clicking on Import will end the importing redirect you to the list of candidates.

Export to CSV

Clicking on “Export to CSV” will give you a CSV file containing details of candidates in the database. Export to CSV

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