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(How to save an Excel file as a CSV)
(How to save an Excel file as a CSV)
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Once you have your CSV file ready you can select “Import Jobs.”

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When you access the job menu for the first time or soon after you configure your system, you see a screen like this:

First Time (No Jobs)

It provides two options:


Add New Job

With this option, you can add jobs one by one; this is the best option if you have ONLY a couple of jobs to add.

General Requirements

General Requirements

Copy from existing job

This will show you a blank dropdown if you are creating your first job. If you have created job(s) before, just copy a previous job to create the new one. This is very useful if you are creating a job for the same profile again.

Job Title

The title of the job is limited to 200 characters


This is a designation for the job requirement. If you do not have any designation in the dropdown list or you’d like to create a job with a designation not available in the dropdown, just select ‘New Designation’ from the dropdown to create one. You can also create,edit and delete designations from Manager-> Master Data -> Designation.

Brief Description

Candidates while applying will review this brief description of the job. A clear and concise description is suggested, and it must be under 500 characters


This is industry for which you are creating a job. This is important only for the recruitment agency version. For business, you may select your default industry. If you don’t see it in the list, you can create a new one by selecting ‘New Industry’ (First option) from the dropdown.

Functional Area

This is a business area or functional area, used to match candidates for this job. You can create a new record by selecting ‘New Functional Area’ from the list.

Detail Description

A detailed description for candidates to review details about any Job. This may include a job profile, incentives, business, etc.


The city for the job location


The state for the job location


The country for the job location

Contact Name

If you like to provide a contact name with job details.

Contact Email

A contact email address to go along with the job details.

Phone No.

The phone number for candidates to call about a job (Or do you mean for recruiters to call candidates?


Click on the “Next” button if you have added all required data marked with *. If you miss any data you get an alert message.


The cancel button will cancel all data entered and will redirect you to the previous screen

Additional Requirements

Additional Requirements


If you like to assign any recruiter(s) for this job, if you are logged in the system as a recruiter, this will automatically designate you as a recruiter. It also sends a notification email to all recruiters assigned here after a job is created.


States qualifications required for the Job, this is also used to match candidates database intelligently. You can select multiple qualifications and a create new one by selecting “New Qualification.“

Recruitment Type

Hire or contract type, this is for internal information proposes only.

Main Skill

The main skill requirements for the job — used to match to suitable candidates?

Min. Exp.

Minimum experience required for the job. This is also used to match with suitable candidates. In the database.

Max. Exp.

Maximum experience required for the job. This is also used to match the candidates to a given experience requirement.

Other Skill

Other skills required for the job; internal information not available to candidates.

Start Date

The start date for the job; you may also select a later date.

Last Date

The last date for the job posting. This should be later than the job start date.

No. of openings

Total number of openings per job.


If a job requirement is urgent — for internal information only.

Employee Referral?

If you have an employee referral system for this job — for internal information only.

Only Internal

Notes if the current job opening is for internal purposes only.

Requires Visa?

If there is any Visa requirement for the job, for example, overseas jobs.

Public posting

For internal use only

Media Posting

For internal information only

Job status

The default status of the job; you cannot change this here. However, managers and administrators can change this from Manager->Master Data->Job Status by selecting any job status as a “default.”

Receive resume via email?

This feature allows you to receive emailed resumes to the address provided. The system automatically reads the email account, parses the resume from an attachment and creates a database for the candidate.

This option is available only if you have the resume parsing feature activated. You may also need to contact your server administrator or IT department to set up an email account to which you like to receive resumes. We advise you to create a new email address for each job requirement to avoid any mixups and for security reasons.


The server address of your email account, for example, gmail.com.


Port address of your email account, this usually depends on type of email account (POP or IMAP) you have.


The type of email account you have: POP or IMAPM.


If your server requires SSL login.


Username (usually email address) required to login to email account.

Other Information

If there is any additional requirement created by a manager or an administrator, you see a third tab, “Other Information” to provide additional (specific to your business) information about the job.


This will take you to the previous screen (general or additional requirements).

Save and Add New

This allows you to save or create a job.

Add and Back

With this option, your new job is created and you are sent back to the list.


Cancels entire operation and sends you back to the previous list.

Import Job

This feature allows importing jobs from CSV (Microsoft Excel CSV File). You can import several jobs at a time. Please note that this feature does not work with Excel directly, you need to save an Excel file as a CSV (comma separated values).

How to save an Excel file as a CSV

  1. Open your Excel file.
  2. Go to Home and select “Save as.”
    Save as

  3. From “Save as type” select CSV (Comma delimited).
  4. cvs

Once you have your CSV file ready you can select “Import Jobs.”

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