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When you access the job menu for the first time or soon after you configure your system, you see a screen like this:

First Time (No Jobs)

It provides two options:


Add New Job

With this option, you can add jobs one by one; this is the best option if you have ONLY a couple of jobs to add.

General Requirements

General Requirements

Copy from existing job

This will show you a blank dropdown if you are creating your first job. If you have created job(s) before, just copy a previous job to create the new one. This is very useful if you are creating a job for the same profile again.

Job Title

The title of the job is limited to 200 characters


This is a designation for the job requirement. If you do not have any designation in the dropdown list or you’d like to create a job with a designation not available in the dropdown, just select ‘New Designation’ from the dropdown to create one. You can also create,edit and delete designations from Manager-> Master Data -> Designation.

Brief Description

Candidates while applying will review this brief description of the job. A clear and concise description is suggested, and it must be under 500 characters


This is industry for which you are creating a job. This is important only for the recruitment agency version. For business, you may select your default industry. If you don’t see it in the list, you can create a new one by selecting ‘New Industry’ (First option) from the dropdown.

Functional Area

This is a business area or functional area, used to match candidates for this job. You can create a new record by selecting ‘New Functional Area’ from the list.

Detail Description

A detailed description for candidates to review details about any Job. This may include a job profile, incentives, business, etc.


The city for the job location


The state for the job location


The country for the job location

Contact Name

If you like to provide a contact name with job details.

Contact Email

A contact email address to go along with the job details.

Phone No.

The phone number for candidates to call about a job (Or do you mean for recruiters to call candidates?


Click on the “Next” button if you have added all required data marked with *. If you miss any data you get an alert message.


The cancel button will cancel all data entered and will redirect you to the previous screen

Additional Requirements

Additional Requirements
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