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After you successfully import jobs from an Excel file or add new jobs manually, you’ll get a job list screen. You can perform different actions on specific jobs using the “Action” button provided at the top and bottom of the list.

Job list

Top Buttons

Top Buttons

Before you perform any action from the top buttons, select a record or row as shown below.

Top Buttons

Job Detail

Click on the “job detail” button from the top list after you select a single row (job) from the list as shown above. This will show you a popup window with the required details about the job.

Job Detail


After selecting a job from the list, click on “Applicants” to see a list of applicants available for the selected Job. For a detailed explanation of the applicant screen, please review “Applicant” sections.

New Status

“New status” allows you to change the status of a selected job. You can later generate reports based on a job status. The AppliView also sends email to recruiters and HR managers when you change the status of a job.

New Status

Change Status to

You can select a new status of a job. Currently it does not allow to you change status only once; for example if you change status to “On Hold” from “Open,” you will not be able to select “Open” again,you need to select a new status each time.


Show any comments regarding a new status.

Assign Recruiter(s)

You can also assign or remove new recruiter to a job using this screen. Assign a new recruiter by checking the box before a recruiter’s name and selecting ‘”Assign Recruiters.” To remove any recruiter from a job, click the delete icon before a recruiter’s name. Any action is followed by an email notification to respective concerned users.

Assign Recruiter(s)


This screen shows a list of interviews assigned to jobs.



To refresh or reload the page in case of any issue.


Shows details about the Interview.

Update Interviews Status

When you update the interview status, the AppliView will send an email to the candidate, recruiters and HR managers based on the configuration in the manager section.

View Resume Detail

Shows details of candidate resumes for the interview schedule.

View Job Detail

A detailed view of jobs.


You can also search the interview schedule by job title, interview date, interview type, and candidate first name.


You may also sort (ascending and descending) the current list by moving your mouse to the right corner of the column. If you just click on a column heading (.e.g. Job Title), it will sort the list by job title in ascending order and if you click again, it will sort in descending order.


Back to Jobs

This sends you back to the job list screen.

Summary PDF

Allows you to export a PDF job summary, which you can print or email.

Detail PDF

A detailed report on a job including status, candidates, and their last status. It also includes candidate ratings.


Shows a graphical review of reports in data Data or chart Chart view by clicking on respective icons.


Bottom Buttons

Bottom Buttons

Add New Job

To add a new job as explained above.


To edit job details.


You can delete one or more (by selecting multiple rows from the list). Please note that if you delete the job it also removes applicants, interview schedules, events and other job-related data as well. However, it does not delete candidates from the master database.

Publish Job

You can publish jobs to a website, Facebook, Twitter etc. using the “Publish” option from the top menu ONLY if you publish the selected job from here using this button.

List All

This will refresh your list to the default.

Import Jobs

Allows you to import jobs from an Excel/CSV file as explained before.

Export to CSV

With this option, you can export the current list to Excel/CSV format.

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