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When you login for the first time, you will see a welcome screen, which will help you configure this application as per your business requirements. The same setup wizard is also available to administrators later on from manager sections.


Please click on ‘Next’ button to start the configuration wizard.

Edit company information (Setup Step 1)


This screen allows you to customize the defaults to your company. These settings are used for all communication and reports. All fields marked with * are mandatory.

Company Name

Enter your company name using a maximum of 100 characters

Company Description

This is a detailed description about your company; you may also use formatting here like Bbold to highlight stext or a link, etc. This information is for use on your career or job portal for a link ‘About us’.


If you copy text from other, source, for example, your website, Microsoft Word, Please use only x or x do not use “copy” as it may cause problem to your configuration.


Please select the industry relevant to your business. If you are a recruitment agency, please select default industry or major industry you serve.


Please select a language in which you would like to use AppliView. At this time we only support English but we will support other major languages very soon.

Time zone

Please select your default time zone. This is used when you create a schedule, activity or interview. All your activities are recorded based on this time zone. You also have the option to change the time zone when you create an activity or interview schedule. This feature supports multiple time zones if you are running a business in different time zones. This feature is also used to send reminders about activities and you’ll get reminders based on your chosen time zone.

Default date format

This allows you to set the date format for your application. All dates in the system are displayed based on this configuration.

Default resume format

If you do business in different countries, your candidates will have an option to select a format for their resume. You can select a default format; this will show to candidates as “Selected.”


Address 1

Address of your business, for example street address

Address 2

Additional address of your business


City of your business


State of your business


Zip code of your business


Country of your business


Your phone number or company phone number

Phone extension

Your phone extension, if any


Fax number


Your email address

Email signature

Default email signature used in all outbound emails, this will added at end of all emails.

Email notification

This allows email notification. If you set this to “No” the system will not send any email or reminder.

Email from: name

The name from which your emails are sent; for example, My Company Name or HR Department — My Company. Please note that this is not an email address so use a descriptive name so recipients can identify your organization.

Email from: address

This is a real email address by which all your emails are sent; please use a valid email address. If you fail to use a valid email your emails may end up in the recipient’s junk folder. Example: When your recipients hit “reply”, they will be sending emails to this email address.


Demo Email

After you set the demo email address by adding an email address here, all emails will be sent to this email address. The system will ignore email addresses of users and will ONLY send email to this address. We advise you to test the system with your demo email address before you start using it with other users.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics shows you how people found your career website or job portal, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website‘s return on investment, increase conversions, and make more business on the Web. You can review more information here

Please signup for Google analytics and put your code here.

Please upload your logo within the size range given, this will displayed throughout the system on top left corner.

Twitter Integration

This feature helps you to publish your jobs on Twitter helps you to spread the word quickly. Please click on “Twitter Authorization” button to start; this allows you to authorized your Twitter account. Please do not use your personal account, instead use a business Twitter account.

Facebook Integration

This feature will publish your job to your Facebook account. Click on “Facebook Authorization” button as required to authorize the application to publish your job on your Facebook page.


Please put your website address here, for example,

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