AppliView 2.0 - AI-Powered Recruitment Co-Pilot | Transform Your Hiring Process

The Future of Recruitment: Your Co-Pilot Powered by AI

Beyond conventional hiring tools, dive into a realm where AI does the heavy lifting. Say goodbye to manual slogs and hello to smart, streamlined recruitment.

Recruitment? Just Set it and Forget it with AppliView 2.0!

Who knew hiring could be as easy as naming your favourite pizza topping? Hand us a job title, sit back, unwind, and watch as our artificial intelligence handles the hustle. There are no postings, interviews, reviews, or discussions, only AI wonders!

AppliView's AI conducts interviews with everyone from bus drivers to rocket scientists.

Imagine a world where interviews are as simple as eating pie! Our AI is indifferent to whether you're searching for a CTO or a bus driver. It will assess, document, and evaluate. Coding jobs? What about essays? Check out! Obtain polished charts, analysis, and a why-you-should-select-them recommendation. All served in PDF format in your inbox!

How Does AppliView Co-Pilot Work?

Start with just a job title and a brief. That's it! From there, AppliView Co-Pilot springs into action

Crafts a compelling job description.

Sets precise evaluation criteria tailored to your needs.

Blasts the job across numerous platforms.

Sifts through and matches the perfect candidates.

Orchestrates AI-driven video interviews—absolutely no human needed.

Oversees online assessments, coding tests, and much more.

Analyzes SWOT, draws up comparative insights, and pinpoints top-pick recommendations.

With your initial go-ahead, it dispatches offer letters and sets the onboarding wheels in motion.

Onboards your new hire with an AI chatbot to introduce company culture and policies.

And throughout all these steps? Minimal human intervention!

You're always welcome to peek in, and we ensure seamless updates on the progress. But we're confident that once you set AppliView Co-Pilot in motion, you'll just be watching the magic happen!

Transform your recruitment with our AI, making the process faster, unbiased, and more effective. Ready to leap into the future of hiring?

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Transform Your Recruitment Journey with Our AI-Powered Recruitment Co-Pilot!

While we're diligently crafting a full-fledged, enterprise-level AI recruitment solution, you don't have to wait to start reaping the benefits of AI in your hiring process. Why not get a feel of this transformative technology right now?

Try our new GPT-Powered Recruitment Co-Pilot on ChatGPT and experience first-hand the incredible capabilities of AI in recruitment.

What Can Our GPT Co-Pilot Do For You? (Know More)

  • Craft Stellar Job Descriptions
  • Create HR Documents
  • Resume Filtering and Matching.
  • Analyze Candidates Like Never Before
  • Revolutionize Interviews and Appraisals
  • Create HR Surveys

This is your chance to see the potential of what AI can bring to your recruitment strategy. With our GPT Recruitment Co-Pilot, you'll gain insights into the power of AI for tasks like writing job descriptions, reviewing candidate profiles, conducting comparative resume analyses, and more.

Join us on this exciting journey and see how AI reshapes the recruitment landscape, one innovative step at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

AppliView 2.0 is an AI-powered recruitment solution designed to automate and optimise the recruitment process, making it faster, more innovative, and more efficient.

AppliView 2.0 harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI techniques to revolutionize the recruitment arena. Here's a brief overview:

Job Descriptions & Posting: Our AI algorithms craft pinpointed job descriptions tailored to your company's unique needs, and strategically disseminate them across platforms.

Candidate Sourcing: With the precision of our algorithms, only the most fitting profiles are matched to your job requirements, eliminating the noise.

Evaluation & Interviews: By leveraging Generative AI, LLM, and Emotion Analysis, we automate candidate evaluations. From crafting the right interview questions to gauging the candidate's emotional fit, every detail is considered.

Technical & Practical Tests: Advanced embedding and fine-tuning techniques help us design specific tests suitable for each role, ensuring that the candidate not only fits on paper but in practice too.

Analysis & Recommendations: The system creates a SWOT analysis for every candidate, matching them against the job requirements. By comparing numerous parameters, AppliView 2.0 provides you with concise recommendations on whom to proceed with.

With AppliView 2.0, the heavy lifting in recruitment is transformed into a few simple clicks. Our platform ensures efficiency, accuracy, and above all, simplicity.

We are gearing up to launch the Beta version of AppliView 2.0 in January 2024. It's being rigorously tested by our internal team and a select group of customers to ensure the highest quality and performance.

While we're still finalising the exact pricing, what we can promise is a game-changer: It's likely to cost less than 10% of your current recruitment expenses. Consider the costs associated with traditional recruitment methods, applicant tracking systems, job postings, and the countless person-hours spent on interviews. We aim to reduce these, making AppliView innovative and cost-effective drastically.

Absolutely! Whether you're hiring a software developer, a sales executive, or a CEO, our platform adapts to the requirements of the role and the industry to provide optimal results.

Privacy is a top priority for us. All video interviews and written assessments are processed in a secure environment. Only essential data is used for evaluation, ensuring complete confidentiality for the candidates.

No, AppliView is designed to be user-friendly. With its intuitive interface and guided workflows, even those new to AI will find it easy to navigate and operate.

By leveraging AI, we minimise human biases that might creep into traditional recruitment. Our algorithms focus on skills, experience, and other objective metrics, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation.