Automation Revolutionizes Recruitment

Automate Repetitive Tasks : From posting job listings to scheduling interviews, our AI-driven Recruitment Co-Pilot automates the monotonous aspects of hiring, ensuring that your recruitment team can focus on more strategic tasks.

Example : Instead of manually posting to multiple job boards, AppliView auto-posts to hundreds simultaneously, saving hours of manual work.

Impartial & Unbiased Hiring

Objective Candidate Evaluation : By analyzing data and not personal biases, our AI ensures fairness and consistency in the recruitment process, promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Example : When presented with similar candidate profiles, AppliView evaluates based on qualifications and skills, not subjective factors.

Significant Cost Savings

Reduced Hiring Costs : With automation in interviews, assessments, resume parsing, and job posting, the overall recruitment expense decreases significantly.

Example : Traditional interview processes might involve multiple personnel and hours of coordination. AppliView’s AI avatars conduct preliminary interviews, trimming down costs and time substantially.

Enhanced Efficiency & Speed

Swift Processes : Our AI co-pilot reduces the time-to-hire by swiftly matching candidates, conducting interviews, and automating assessments.

Example : Resume parsing, which can take hours manually, is done in minutes, speeding up the shortlisting process.

Human-Light, Not Human-Free

Minimal Human Intervention: Complete the majority of the recruitment process with minimal human resources. Yet, it’s designed to keep humans in the loop where critical decision-making is essential.

Example: While AI suggests the best matches, the final hiring decision rests with the human recruiter, ensuring a balance of efficiency and judgment.

Critical Reviews & Approvals

Human Touch Where It Counts : Even though the process is heavily automated, we understand the value of human judgment. Critical stages like final candidate selection or complex assessments can be reviewed and approved by human recruiters.

Example : AI might rank candidates based on metrics, but a human recruiter can review the top choices to ensure cultural and team fit.

Drastic Time & Resource Savings

Leaner Recruitment Teams: The need for extensive recruitment teams reduces, as one AI co-pilot can do the work of several recruiters, but faster and 24/7.

Example: A company needing a team of 10 recruiters might now only need 2, alongside AppliView, resulting in significant resource savings.

Balanced Automation & Human Insight

Best of Both Worlds: While we champion AI-driven processes for efficiency, we also ensure that human insight isn’t lost, striking the right balance between automation and human touch.

Example: AI can analyze hundreds of essays in an assessment, but a human can review top-performing ones to understand nuanced responses.