Seamless Job Description Input

Provide a job description in plain language. No cumbersome forms to fill – just type or speak out your requirements in your natural voice.

Let AppliView Take the Wheel

Our Co-Pilots instantly swing into action, accessing your resume database, posting on numerous job boards, and even updating your official website.

Comprehensive Resume Analysis

Each incoming or matching resume is meticulously analyzed against the provided job description. AppliView performs a detailed SWOT analysis, assigning ratings and scores to candidates.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Selected candidates receive automated interview schedules. When needed, assessment tests, such as coding evaluations, are also dispatched.

AI-Powered Interview Sessions

Our lifelike AI avatars conduct virtual interviews. They curate and pose questions tailored to your specific job description and evaluation criteria.

Comprehensive Recording System

The entire interview process, along with the assessment tests, is recorded, ensuring transparency and ease of review.

In-depth AI Evaluation

Post-interview, AppliView conducts a thorough analysis of the interaction and assessment tests, producing detailed evaluation reports.

Summarized Candidate Profiles

For each candidate, a concise one-page summary is generated, streamlining your review process.

Comparative Candidate Analysis

Gain insights with a side-by-side comparative analysis of all interviewed candidates, facilitating easier decision-making.

Decision Notification

You’ll receive an email containing links to all reports, enabling you to make informed recruitment choices at your convenience.

Streamlined Onboarding

Upon approval, AppliView dispatches appointment letters to the selected candidates, coupled with onboarding links for a smooth joining process.

Efficient Document Collection

The onboarding procedure involves collecting all necessary documentation from the new hires, ensuring nothing is missed.

Your Dashboard, Your Control

With our comprehensive mobile and web-based application, monitor the progress in real-time.

HR Team Notification:

Once everything is in place, your HR team gets notified about the completion of the recruitment process.