Welcome to AppliView 2.0, the future of AI-driven recruitment solutions.

Delve deep into our journey, and you’ll uncover a team profoundly rooted in HR tech, particularly in Applicant Tracking Systems. Our story began 13 years ago, pioneering the HR landscape with ‘Ants’, a ground-breaking open-source applicant tracking solution that garnered substantial attention in 2010. Its success led to the inception of ‘AppliView’ in 2012, a proprietary response to the soaring demands of our user base.

For half a decade, our SaaS-based service thrived, gaining traction with thousands of customers. Yet, our commitment to excellence led us to hone our focus. In 2018, we transitioned into offering custom and white-label solutions tailored for our primary clientele – enterprise customers. This strategic move enabled us to streamline our efforts, reduce overheads, and amplify our service offerings for our most valued patrons.

Feedback is the compass that guides our innovation. Over the years, our valued customers voiced their desires for a fresher UI and advanced tech functionalities. While exploring avenues for improvement, the rise of Generative AI caught our attention. It wasn’t just another tech trend; to us, it was a beacon of opportunity to revolutionise recruitment entirely.

Questions flooded our minds: Could we harness AI to eradicate the cumbersome, costly, and time-consuming aspects of recruitment? Is it possible to design a singular, ultra-fast system suitable for all recruitment needs? Can we sidestep tedious approval cycles, extensive interviews, countless reviews, and the daunting selection process?

The birth of AppliView 2.0 is our resounding “yes” to all those inquiries. This powerful AI/LLM-based solution is not just an upgrade; it’s a transformative answer to the evolving demands of the recruitment sphere. Every day, we inch closer to our vision: simplifying recruitment, enhancing efficiency, and making it affordable.

Here at AppliView, we’re not just adapting to the future but shaping it. Join us in redefining recruitment standards for enterprises and recruitment agencies alike. Welcome to the revolution.