How to keep Employees Engaged and appreciated?

Over the years, it is proven that employee recognition schemes can change a firm’s productivity, rate of retention and culture.  However, the process of creating a flawless employee engagement and appreciation strategy is easy said than done. You must focus on many factors while drafting these strategies. With this being said, here are few tips … Continue reading “How to keep Employees Engaged and appreciated?”

Differences Between Recruitment and Hiring

All hiring managers want the best kind of talent for their company. They wish to attract the market’s most brilliant and best minds. The hiring process revolves around enticing employees through various recruitment and hiring activities. Voila, did you come across two terms – recruitment and hiring. hiring is the process of identifying professionals for … Continue reading “Differences Between Recruitment and Hiring”

Technology that Makes the Life of Candidates Difficult

Information plays a very important role in the recruitment process. One would be astonished to note that huge companies have thousands and thousands of resumes in their database. Out of which, very few reach the hands of recruiters and are eventually contacted. Though the use of online hiring processes can save the HR from lots … Continue reading “Technology that Makes the Life of Candidates Difficult”

Receiving and Reviewing Resumes Using ATS Systems

The ATS system promises targeted parsing results. Resume parsing is an important feature in application tracking systems. This is where resumes are parsed and applicant shortlists are generated. Indeed, the ATS promises enhanced parsing and quicker results generation.

How to Hire Leaders?

Great leadership is vital for organizational success. Without a “George Washington” America wouldn’t have seen victory during Revolutionary war. And, without “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr” the United States would have continued with segregated education. The world clearly understands the need for a strong leader. Hiring leaders is not an overnight task. This applies to … Continue reading “How to Hire Leaders?”

Why are Applicant Tracking Solutions Useful?

The very first step in any hiring process is your resume reaching the hands of a recruiter. In just few split seconds, recruiters make decisions of whether your profile has to be considered or not. According to a recent study, many promising profiles are rejected by hiring managers due to humane reasons. This is one … Continue reading “Why are Applicant Tracking Solutions Useful?”

Important Mistakes to Avoid While Recruiting

When it comes to recruitment, there are several things you should take into consideration. If you are hunting for the market’s finest talents, you must be clear with your recruitment strategies. Unfortunately, a lot of recruiters make the same mistakes again and again. Some recruiters stick to what seems fine on paper. As hiring managers, … Continue reading “Important Mistakes to Avoid While Recruiting”

Make your recruiting process easy and more efficient with ATS by AppliView

world’s finest company requires an efficient hiring process. This can be attributed to the fame of applicant tracking systems like AppliView. Though there are many sourcing tactics in the industry, recruitment becomes easy with ATS. Recruiters use applicant tracking systems to reduce their staffing efforts and ensure efficient functionality. the Applicant tracking system can make … Continue reading “Make your recruiting process easy and more efficient with ATS by AppliView”

Open Source Recruitment Software With Free Trial

A lot of people tend to decide on open source packages based on price. However, this is no longer an issue. That is because renowned open source recruitment software are sold with free trial. The trial will help you understand and evaluate the software better. Testimonies for the software from current users should be positive … Continue reading “Open Source Recruitment Software With Free Trial”

Reasons why recruiters are moving towards ATS software

ATS systems have acquired an utmost level of fame amongst users. There are several critics on how effective the tracking system is. That is because the system evaluates applications based on keywords and not the candidate’s actual skill. Even in the midst of these disputes. In order to make the most of an e-Recruitment application, … Continue reading “Reasons why recruiters are moving towards ATS software”