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Applicant Tracking System a Boon or Bane

January 27, 2018

The revolution of automated recruitment or e- recruitment started with a bang in the middle of the 1990s and it was during this time that the ATS or the Applicant Tracking System came into being. Hiring a candidate or an applicant through the convenient hiring software has soared up the productivity overall, is it in the case of the employer or those who wants to get recruited. Online recruitment has given the recruiters the option of managing their hiring campaigns from a centrally operated online hub. This way, they not only put up advertisements for job vacancy on various job boards but also may be able to narrow down their requirements through the use of certain filters.

Reasons behind its popularity

There are several reasons behind its growing popularity worldwide. They are as follows:

  1. The overwhelming Human Resource operations may be restricted through the medium of Applicant Tracking System that is carried out over the internet.
  2. The traditional system of recruitment, by virtue of hard copies of resumes, walk in interviews, several rounds of interviews, etc not only slows the process of recruitment but loss curbs down the possibilities of productivity from both the sides (employers and applicants).
  3. Screening becomes a difficult procedure when lots and lots of application gets submitted which is effortlessly carried out by the online hiring software. This. Again, has expanded the possibilities of more and more application submission as distance and time longer objects any candidate from applying for a desired job.
  4. Also, the online recruitment system has a filtering benefit that sieves out the incompatible or under trained candidates at the very first go and thereby it lessens the load of work to a great extent.
  5. There are several benefits that the applicant tracking system provides us with, such as:
  • It matches key word to key word and thus helps to find out candidates who are the most efficient among all.
  • The poor quality candidates get ruled out before their resume can congest the process of interviewing.
  • About 40 % of the hiring time gets curtailed.
  • Besides, it is very cost effective and manages to reduce the hiring cost per candidate to a great extent.


There are several disadvantages as well, such as:

  • Diversification gets disrupted due to online hiring.
  • The unparalleled human skill to choose the just and apt candidate to gets lost

No matter what, due to the flamboyance of effortless hiring, all significant names in the corporate world are opting for it.