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Benefits of Social Recruiting and Staffing Software

February 9, 2018

Social recruiting is an online recruitment approach to acquiring talented candidates for suitable job openings by employers on social media websites. Social hiring uses social media profiles, blogs and other Internet sites to find information on candidates. It uses social media websites for advertising and publishing jobs either through HRHuman Resource or through crowd sourcing where job seekers and other audiences share job openings in their network. Apart from broadcasting messages, the successful recruiters focus on utilizing other social nature of these channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to communicate with candidates. Social media integration has emerged as a great tool for recruitment. 92 percent of companies are using social media for recruiting process. Social media recruiting is great for reaching top talents. However, it does not end here. A company should link its sourcing process with hiring process and applicant tracking system within the enterprise. On finding and connecting talents on social media, other processes like applicant screening and interview scheduling are done by the software of ATS. ATS helps to store the information of the candidates in the database.

> Pros

  • Reduces time for employees to scrutinize the job applicants.
  • The candidate also gets to be aware of the company culture where they are being recruited or where they are interested to apply for jobs.

> Cons

  • Candidates who are concerned about their privacy do not feel comfortable sharing their personal accounts with the employers.
  • Employers generally tend to get biased with candidates who carries a good social presence than many who do not remain actively online.
  • Social media always do not promise to provide proper and correct information about a candidate. Thus it is not a proper tool to gauge someone’s personality.

Staffing Software

Staffing Software is a software solution for temporary staffing agencies. Staffing agencies are third party placement firms. It is a combination of applicant tracking system and customer relationship management. They perform other functions like human resource management, payroll, accounting and job posting.

> Pros and Cons

  • Saves time as the software quickly performs that functions that otherwise would have consumed a lot of time if handled manually. It posts jobs by advertising, checks the background of the candidates, checks the skills, experiences and qualifications and weeds out those who are not qualified for the job. Therefore when the company or the employer interviews the candidates it would not have to be responsible for other duties and function that the staffing software has already performed.
  • The staffing software like applicant tracking system holds the information of the candidates and provides the best suitable job for the applicant.
  • The temporary workers who are selected by the staffing software are working with permanent employees in the same company. They may feel resented and unsatisfied without being provided with the benefits to the permanent ones. This will lead to job dissatisfaction.
  • Many part-time candidates are expected to follow the same obligations of the permanent employees and are exploited and made to work for more hours.
  • Temporary contracts are used to fill temporary vacancies like maternity leave and sick leave of other employers. Temporary staff members save money by avoiding overtime costs of other employees and also prevents others from working for too many hours by job division.