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Difference Between Hiring and Recruiting

March 11, 2016

Recruitment Agencies

Let Simplify Difference Between Hiring and Recruiting with AppliViewApplicant Tracking Software

The terms hiring and recruiting can be confusing till they are understood properly. Since the company is always in need of talented people, the recruitment is perhaps a never ending process. The company needs a dedicated staff to recruit and hire talented people. The company keeps on conducting interviews to find best talent and hire them as and when required. Applicant tracking solution can be put into place for making recruiting and hiring processes smooth. If one is looking for recruitment software, then AppliView’s ATS is the ultimate staffing solution.

What is recruitment?

The company formerly announces the current openings or openings that are likely to be available in the near future. Some times company recruits people for the projects that are in pipeline. Recruitment process includes defining job requirement, role and responsibilities, short listing candidates, interviewing and performing background checks. The company in general will have specialized staff for recruitment activities.

What is hiring?

Hiring is the process of reviewing candidate’s performance in each recruitment process such as shortlist from bunch of applications, observing interview notes and background check results. Hiring process can be tedious and hence requires lot of patience and concentrated efforts to execute it. Hiring process starts the moment an applicant is shortlisted and ends till he is hired for the company.

Hiring Vs Recruiting

Recruiting is a constant process of finding people with different talents and the search is continuous where as hiring is the process of short listing people from each recruitment process like written test, technical interview and interview conducted by the human resource person to find the attitude of the candidate and his interest to join the company.


AppliView is a ready to use applicant tracking system, extremely useful for companies or staff recruiting services for all their recruiting needs. It has features similar to job portals, social media sites and fully automated system. The inbuilt system makes it fascinating and interesting. The status reports and automated workflow system looks so elegant that one loves to work with the software. The intelligent screening feature enables to find the best candidate and there by reduces time consuming process. The social media features are integrated and makes the hiring process most effective. Thus the talent pool is always maintained with AppliView. The candidates can be constantly recruited and easily maintained using AppliView and can be hired instantly, there by clearly distinguishing the hiring mindset and recruiting mindset.

The above discussion should clear the air of difference between hiring and recruiting. By automating the recruitment process one can effectively manage company’s staffing requirements.