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Differences Between Recruitment and Hiring

September 16, 2017

Recruitment & Selection

All companies are looking for employees who can work for them! They need talent that can help them achieve goals in the long run. As employees leave a firm, hiring professionals are expected to replace them with newer ones. This is a challenging cycle that can define the firm’s overall growth. All hiring managers want the best kind of talent for their company. They wish to attract the market’s most brilliant and best minds. The hiring process revolves around enticing employees through various recruitment and hiring activities. Voila, did you come across two terms – recruitment and hiring. According to experts, these are two different processes separated by a very thin line!

What is Recruitment?

By definition, recruitment is the process of providing an organization with new candidates or employees. The entire process revolves around attracting, finding and identifying the right profile. The profile has to satisfy a job position in an effective way. Recruitment is a planned activity, where the company needs new candidates due to retirement or changes within the firm. It can be clearly anticipated by project managers due to certain personnel movements. In some cases, recruitment is required to cover unexpected losses (illnesses, resignation, death or accident). This is the first and most important step for adding new members to the organization.

What is Hiring?

On the other hand, hiring is the process of identifying professionals (both permanently and temporarily) for a role. The professionals should be paid a predetermined fee. The employee is expected to perform a certain task in the company. On hiring, the company and employee are bound by a contract. This contract speaks of all the terms and conditions for the new candidate. Hiring begins the moment a candidate is chosen from a list of profiles. It happens when a candidate satisfies an existing job specification.

There are marked differences between recruitment and hiring. Here is a quick walk through these differences:

  • Recruitment is the act of hunting and attracting new employees for an organization. Hiring is the act of spotting and engaging candidates for a specific role.
  • Recruitment is a tedious and a lengthy process that revolves around many professionals. Hiring is done when an ideal profile is chosen for a position.
  • Recruitment is necessary when an organization goes through changes like illnesses, retirements, deaths or accidents. Hiring is an integral part of the recruitment process.