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E- Recruitment and its fabulous features

July 13, 2018



E- Recruitment is one of the specified and improved ways of establishing communication between the employers as well as the employees; however, they do not meet in person, yet, very dynamically sound interviews are taken over the internet. The ATS or the Applicant Tracking System i.e. a hiring process carried out by virtue of software where all applicants put in their respective bio data. All the candidates apply for a vacancy or vacancies in job and opt for an online recruitment procedure for a hassle free and convenient way of getting employed. The entire conversation takes place virtually over the internet, but with the dynamism of o real and traditional one. The database of the applicant tracking solution goes through the various career portals of the candidates in order to rule out the faulty and incompatible ones through an automated process. The hiring software has paved out certain problems that could not be checked earlier. Some of the salient features that may interest you about the hiring process over the internet are:

  • Social media is in a very advantageous state owing to its popularity and lucidity in influencing people. Almost about eighty five % of the candidates look up the social media websites in order to seek and apply for their interested fields in order to get employed.
  • However, about 3 out of every 4 candidates are unaware about the proliferation of online hiring process. This means quite a lot of job seekers are running behind in the modern trend of getting job opportunities.
  • Smart phone is indeed a boon for this generation and all the job seekers who opt for the online system of getting hired via applicant tracking solution cover a percentage of fifty two among the net number of job seekers to use their respective smart phones to apply for jobs online.
  • While candidate is recruited, he looks for three basic aspects, like: the opportunities of growth of their company, the benefits that would be provided on retirement and the ambiance and culture of work in the office.
  • The candidates who are seeking for their career opportunities through the applicant tracking solution are very skeptical when their career growth is concerned. This is why it has been observed statistically that about forty six of the applicants left their previous employer due to a lack of growth in the progress of their career.

The ATS has revolutionized the entire process of hiring applicants only to make it more easy and convenient from both the ends.