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Important Mistakes to Avoid While Recruiting

August 4, 2017


How to Avoid Basic Recruiting Mistakes

When it comes to recruitment, there are several things you should take into consideration. If you are hunting for the market’s finest talents, you must be clear with your recruitment strategies. Unfortunately, a lot of recruiters make the same mistakes again and again. In this short write up, you will read about these mistakes that can be avoided!

Mistake #1 – Not following strategic Methods

First of all, recruiters don’t follow strategic methods! They jump into hiring without understanding the resources an organization or department needs. This can cause long term problems within the organization. In some cases, the company may start to downsize. Hiring candidates for any role should be taken carefully and strategically. Even if your business is small, you must be clear with what your firm wants to accomplish. This is why recruiters should begin with a firm road map! You must be sure of what you are actually looking for.

Mistake #2 – No Values or Culture

Some recruiters fail to define values and culture. According to experienced hiring professionals, you must not focus only on the job description! Apart from finding candidates who suit the job description, you must find people who can master your company’s values and culture. Candidates should be aware of your firm’s corporate culture! The job description should talk about this too.

Mistake #3 – Skipping Referral Schemes

Employee referral programs are great tools for hiring talented candidates. Unfortunately, many hiring managers forget the use of referral schemes. Referral programs can help you with candidates, who are bound to fit within the company’s values and culture. Though you must not rely fully on referral programs, it would be wise to ask your employees to bring some talent in!

Mistake #4 – Ignoring Gut Thoughts

As hiring managers, you should rely on your gut reactions and intuitions. If you feel like an employee would fit into your company, give them a second chance (in case they fail the very first one). Likewise, don’t consider candidates you are not confident about! Always give value to your first impression.

Mistake #5 – Going with the Paper

Some recruiters stick to what seems fine on paper. Once again, this is an unwise move. Top-tier colleges don’t indicate smart candidates. If you are hiring for a startup, you must look for candidates with that extra edge. They should have experience in what you are working for. Look for hard working candidates who have the ability to overcome great adversities. Also, diversify as much as possible!