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Online Recruitment

January 25, 2019

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Online Recruitment Software

Online recruitment software is a web-based program that can change how you conduct business. It can significantly boost your ability to do business, and can help improve your revenues. This type of software is powered by the latest technology and can help you to improve your business productivity and use the resources that you have. It has useful tools to provide you with expert and talented employees for your needs. Know about the top 5 factors to consider before choosing any web-based recruitment software.

Ease of use

Check whether the application that you are choosing for your organization is fast to use, and whether comes with a user interface that can help find candidate easily and attract the best talent for your open job positions. Software with an easy design is a great way to conduct searches for applicants based on skills, qualifications and specific keywords. Many of these applications have similar search features as career portal and websites.

Easy data presentation and compilation

The best software programs should provide you with enough information about data presentation and compilation. The data should cover everything, whether it comes to candidate selection, their social media profiles or past roles in previous organizations. Check whether your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) comes with a host of useful features that let you gather and display data for convenient comparison and scrutiny.

Ability to analyze

Look for a recruitment software program that can help you to create and manage effective recruitment campaigns, and assist you in wise spending of your hiring budget. It should have the ability to create customizable reports that can offer KPI information as well, which can be very useful to the hiring staffs in your organization.

Ability to create talent pools

Look for screening tools in your software that can help you to find the best candidates, who can fit the positions in your agency the best way. Within 3 – 6 months, you can reward them with an increment, promotions etc. This can help in the retention of employees after recruitment.

Compatibility with your recruitment model

Make sure that the HR software that you choose is appropriate for the hiring model of your organization – whether you hire workers in high volume or recruit new employees only 2 – 3 times annually. The hiring software should have the functions and technology to continue being relevant to your recruitment team even with the expansion of your business.