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Recruiting Talent + Applicant Tracking System = Successful HR

May 25, 2016

Applicant Tracking SystemThe most critical decision an organization makes is the hiring process in the first place. Even in the presence of several sourcing tactics, many recruiters are inefficiently using modern strategies with the recruiting systems. Recruiters are in need to make their staffing efforts tougher to get the entire talent picture and make the core function effectively.

In today’s scenario, recruitment is one of the hardest jobs as boosting an organization’s effectiveness lies within. In fact, hiring managers want to hire the perfect candidate in the most cost-effective manner possible. Between the hectic process and your schedule, managing the complicated recruiting process and placing the right person in the right position is definitely something time-draining. In order to make it simpler, most of the organizations now use modern applicant tracking software. Comes along the disadvantage, which is the choice. Unfortunately, if your choice of software is bad, instead of roping in some talented candidates, you might be doing the contrast.


An applicant tracking system (ATS) is an application devised to help an enterprise to recruit employees more efficiently. This software is an effective method to post job openings from job boards, continue the screening process and the other following parts of the process efficiently. Certainly, there are included features like resume ranking, response tracking, customized input forms and so on. Most of the companies, especially with busy hiring managers, an application like the Applicant Tracking Software, which comprises of features that can reduce manpower, is of greater use. It is estimated that approximately 50 percent of all the mid-sized organizations and almost all the large companies use various types of applicant tracking software.

Why ATS?

While getting through the conditions and setting a status as a job seeker, recruiters experience the relaxed process of their work getting minimized. The talent pool is limited and listed out without wasting any time and energy and of course, money. Specifically, mistakes don’t happen when the process is online. This human resource software also makes it easy for employers to keep track on the hiring process and communication with applicants directly.

Hiring the best

Successful managers know that staffing has a strong effect and mistakes are expensive in terms of the effort and money. Though the method can be made manageable, to avoid hiring disasters, making use of manual recruiting talent helps. Specifically, during the interview, correct analysis makes sense.

The Successful HR

With the developing number of organization and job opportunities, receiving thousands of applications has become normal and it is essential that the hiring managers have a helping hand. This is why the demand of ATS is growing in all the companies irrespective of its size as they are looking to elevate their HR departments as well.