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Recruitment of Job-Seekers Through Applicant Tracking System and E-Recruitment

February 17, 2018

Progressive science developments and technology advancement have started to dominate the world. Earlier, recruitment process was handled manually. But in today’s world, all the hiring process is carried online. One must be aware of the Applicant Tracking System or ATS to understand how the process of recruitment is carried online. It is a software designed for hiring process online. ATS helps to post job advertisements on online career portal or website, screen and storing incoming resumes and generate interviews with candidates and managing the online recruitment process. E-recruitment or internet recruiting uses the prominent software of applicant tracking system also. E-recruitment includes the process of finding and pulling the candidates, assessing them, interviewing and finally hiring the applicant. Even online examination and online interviewing are conducted for the process of candidate selection. ATS also helps to track and filter the applicants and matches the resumes of the candidates with the job role and eventually dates the interview. It is vital for the customization of the ATS software to the requirement, needs and work structure of the organization. This also ensures optimal recruiting for each and every job opening.

Major Benefits

  • Saves time and money by streamlining the sorting process of resumes that otherwise would have taken more expenditure and time by manual recruitment. It quickly matches the candidates to the available jobs suitable to them without the troublesome paperwork.
  • It reduces the cost of the advertisement by automatically publishing advertisements of job vacancies on job portals and websites.

Major Drawbacks

  • Ignores the potential candidates if their resumes do not match with the requirement of the employer. Sometimes even some complex resumes do not pass the scanning process properly thus making it inaccurate and unreliable sometimes.
  • Applicant Tracking System has a limit for applicant’s details and information. So all the resumes and information that crosses the limit automatically gets eliminated.

Staffing Software

Staffing software is another solution to evade the hassle of manual recruiting. This software saves time, establishes communication and maintains a good customer service. Staffing software solution for temporary staffing agencies. Staffing agencies are third-party firms for placement. They perform other functions like human resourcing, payroll, job posting and accounting. It saves time and performs additional functions like checking the background, skills, qualifications and experiences and weeds out those applicants who are not suitable for the job role. The staffing software also holds and stores the details and information of the candidates and notifies them whenever there is a new job opening fitting to the candidates. Temporary employees offer a break for the permanent employees from performing jobs for longer duration and also save the cost of overtime of permanent employees. Making new connections and contact is essential for the survival of the business or the enterprise. Staffing software is a combination of applicant tracking system and customer relationship management.