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Search a portfolio of Open-source Recruitment Software

May 8, 2017

Two Renowned Open Source Recruitment Software

Two Renowned Open Source Recruitment Software

There are several reasons why companies search for portfolios in open source recruitment software packages. This is not just about reliability or security. Open source recruitment software programs will give you the freedom to handpick the right candidate without much effort. These are enterprise level programs that have evolved from open source strategies. Regardless of how big or small your business is – open source recruitment software packages can help you!

HRM/ERP alias Human Resource Management & Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are recognized as wonderful tools for choosing candidates. If you have not enjoyed the benefits of these open source programs, you are certainly missing a great deal of fun and freedom.

Orange HRM and Open Source Rewards

One of the best open source recruitment software for hiring employees would be Orange HRM. The program has a modular structure that is both flexible and easy to follow. More than 5000 resumes can be handled flawlessly using Orange HRM. It is a tool to meet with all your needs. From personal information management to applicant tracking to recruitment to performance – everything becomes easy with Orange HRM around. Indeed, there are personalized modules to handle insurance benefits, salary details and enterprise level management of applicants too! Orange is an open source recruitment software that works well for midsize businesses, freelancers, public admins and large enterprises.

Open Brave ERP and People Management

The talk about open source recruitment software will remain incomplete without Open Bravo ERP. This is one of the market’s finest recruitment solutions. Both the community and professional version can change your recruitment experience. The hiring needs of companies that are differently sized can be satisfied using this single tool. This is a 100% web based recruitment system that handles much more than candidate selection. As a business intelligence tool, the solution has contributed significantly to the open source recruitment world. Intuitive components of this software would be project management, human resource management, finance and maintenance management.

The Verdict

On the whole, there are several benefits in using open source recruitment software. The tools are not meant only for big companies that have marked a way into the list of Fortune 500 companies! Instead, firms of all sizes can make use of the features. Above all, the open source tools will not affect your budget. The smallest firm in the market can enjoy tremendous benefits and leverage the same amount of flexibility as the big ones through open source recruitment software.