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Social Media Integration

March 23, 2018

Connecting Social Media with Talent Management

The recruitment always been a crucial part for the organization. The organization procures the eligible person to act on the particular job. The recruitment should be done wisely because the organization invests a major part of the economy for the development and growth of the organization.

As we are aware, the world is gradually moving towards development and everyone likes to browse the web to fulfill every recruitment. Various E- commerce sites are developed to render services and products. Accordingly, the e-recruitment websites are developed to make the recruiter and candidates gather at one point to review or apply for the position or the opportunity respectively.

The Application Tracking System

The Human resource and the recruitment team performs candidate selection through the software. The user needs to get registered and perform the relevant sign up process to maintain the data records. The e-recruitment platform can also fetch the candidate details and information from various Job Portal websites.

The Talent Management Software helps the Human resource team and Recruiter to perform the Screening process before getting involved with the recruitment.

Design the application with the filter

The recruiter can customize the search criteria as per the recruiter’s wish list. The customization enables the organization, to find the perfect person for the Job, taking the skill sets into consideration. The filters can be made as per the requirement, the software got various options to filter in regards to competency, location, Skill set and etc.

The applicant Tracking system works as Recruitment software which enables the recruiter to view and source the candidate profile online.

Know Talent Management software

The Talent Management Software is designed to integrate the 4 key elements of the talent management. The elements are mentioned below:-

  • Recruitment
  • Performance management
  • Learning and Development
  • Compensation management.

The person who acquire the access can control the above mentioned elements accordingly.

Endorse your skills via your connections

This is the area of digitalization, everyone had got logged in with their credentials on various social networking sites. These social networking sites assist the candidate to showcase their skills and endorse through their connections. The Social media Integration helps the candidate to showcase their endorsed technical skills and other certifications which draw the attention of the employer.

The Screening process

While we perform the recruitment activity, Screening should be done properly so that the organization gets the right candidate to complete their Job error free. The software would work as the data base management system for maintaining the profiles for current and future recruitment both.