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March 31, 2018

How Does Staffing Software Aid in Candidate Selection?

One of the main functions of the HR department happens to be the systematic process of hiring and selection. This is an important process, as employees or workforce is the biggest asset of most organizations. With modern staffing software, it has become easier today to recruit new candidates after proper selection. Whether it comes to sourcing candidates or arranging interviews, everything can be conducted in an organized way – so that the entire process can be seamlessly automated and systematized. Find out this type of software helps in candidate selection.

Recruitment Management module

It is the most vital module of any modern HR e-recruitment system. It is able to categorize, draw and engage the best applicants who can contribute to the performance of an organization after recruitment. Any standard software with Recruitment Management module is able to offer 360-degree view of candidates, contacts, clients and more. This can help HR personnel to choose and hire candidates easier and quicker. The software has only one centrally located database for managing contacts, candidates and clients, which can make the recruitment process highly efficient.

Customizable menu

With customizable menu and the ability to configure permission set, accessibility and settings for different organizational roles, this kind of program can offer a dependable and practicable recruitment management system having proper authentication that can help make data more secure. The ATS system has to enable the use of a large database to look for potential candidates.

Feedback section

In improved versions of online recruitment software, you can find a feature that offers an honest and complete feedback by candidates in the course of the interview process. This can make it easier for HR personnel to do, coordinate and change the recruitment process smoothly. The platform is very interactive and can increase productivity many times over, reduce response time and maintain organizational history.

Resume parser

One of the biggest and most useful features of recruitment software programs is undoubtedly the Resume parser and scanner. It helps HR managers spot the right talent as per the vacancy, arrange interviews, short-list candidates, manage responses, promote vacancies and conduct interviews according to the job description.

Advanced search features

These systems have an advanced search feature similar to career portal that is accurate, quick and precise in retrieving data. It can make work easier for HR personnel by joining every module discussed above, and allowing easier job search. It benefits job seekers as well as interviewers and hiring managers.