Reasons why recruiters are moving towards ATS software

ATS systems have acquired an utmost level of fame amongst users. There are several critics on how effective the tracking system is. That is because the system evaluates applications based on keywords and not the candidate’s actual skill. Even in the midst of these disputes. In order to make the most of an e-Recruitment application, … Continue reading “Reasons why recruiters are moving towards ATS software”

What if more recruiting teams embraced open source

Using open source HR recruitment systems is a great initiative. It displays a prudent level of maturity in the firm’s recruiting teams. As more and more recruiting teams embrace onto open source, resumes are likely to be processed at a better and faster rate.

Streamline Your Recruitment Process Using The Web Based ATS

With so many different types of web based ATS software in the industry to help you with recruitment, the best product would be the one that supports your internal routines and creates a better experience for all applicants. Such systems can improve the talent pool of your organization and promise a stronger platform for growth.

A recruitment startup should invest in ATS

The screening process can be as difficult as finding the right candidates. It is an archaic process that expects interviewers to go through hundreds of profiles and ponder if the candidate would suit their firm or not. This is when an effective ATS software becomes useful. It blends with all kinds of recruitment systems. Here … Continue reading “A recruitment startup should invest in ATS”

ATS System and HRIS to Manage Your Recruitment Lifecycle

The latest wave of applicant tracking solutions is too good to be true. More and more recruiters are using it to improve their recruitment methods. ATS and HRIS can customize your recruitment system perfectly. Candidates can apply, view the status of their application and know results from both mobile and desktop devices.