ATS Handling Recruitment Needs Electronically

Today, efficient applicant tracking systems are used to hire candidates. These systems work with online applications and job portals. These portals allow candidates to search for jobs and fill profiles from anywhere and at any time. A lot of people are unaware of how the ATS solution works.

How to Evaluate ATS Solutions?

However, applicant tracking systems should be monitored. You should make sure the software is functioning properly and is apt for modern recruitment requirements.

A Vision for Open Source Recruiting

This is one of the newest forms of recruitment in the industry. The method is followed by tech giants like Google and Adobe. Open source recruitment comes with many benefits. It will give you a competitive advantage in this challenging world.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Applicant Tracking Systems for Recruitment

ATS or the Applicant Tracking System has been in use mainly for talent management system during the hiring process of any organization. In fact, several organizations apply this e-recruitment process to help in the evaluation of CVs by the HR staffs. Over the years such a system has been more prevalent in the big companies. … Continue reading “The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Applicant Tracking Systems for Recruitment”

Things you need to keep in mind as a new recruiter

Recruitment for any institute or company is a task of huge responsibility and understanding and hence should be done with proper care. There are many details related to recruitment for any institute and factors which influence recruitment.