How to keep Employees Engaged and appreciated?

Over the years, it is proven that employee recognition schemes can change a firm’s productivity, rate of retention and culture.  However, the process of creating a flawless employee engagement and appreciation strategy is easy said than done. You must focus on many factors while drafting these strategies. With this being said, here are few tips … Continue reading “How to keep Employees Engaged and appreciated?”

Important Mistakes to Avoid While Recruiting

When it comes to recruitment, there are several things you should take into consideration. If you are hunting for the market’s finest talents, you must be clear with your recruitment strategies. Unfortunately, a lot of recruiters make the same mistakes again and again. Some recruiters stick to what seems fine on paper. As hiring managers, … Continue reading “Important Mistakes to Avoid While Recruiting”

How to Hire Leaders?

Great leadership is vital for organizational success. A single person or a group of leaders can make a massive difference in your firm. To find a good leader, you should look for certain qualities in the candidate. Some profiles might not seem like a brainer. However, these candidates may have what it takes to become … Continue reading “How to Hire Leaders?”