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Why are more Recruiting Teams Embracing Open Source?

The HR industry is open for unprecedented change! There are several reasons why the HR team of any company should embrace open source and use it to overcome a major overload. According to a recent study, recruitment teams are likely to go open source for their good. The efficient open source teams can reduce the amount of time and effort recruiters invest on the recruitment process. If you are wondering why recruitment teams are abiding to open source programs like the ATS software, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help.

About the Paris Congress

The HR Tech World Congress that was held in Paris revealed the need for open source ATS software. The concept of open source HR tools was outlined in this congress. The congress proved that open source recruitment software can make access to tools, tips, resources and tricks for hiring candidates easy. If you want to succeed in this competitive world, you require the right group of talent in your firm. And, this is why you should opt for the right kind of ATS software. The sophisticated recruitment software helps in developing the right team of top talent for your firm.

Components of ATS Software

Open source ATS software comprises of two important components. First of all, you will have the freedom to share resources across various talent communities and social platforms. Case studies prove that open source HR can help you rejoice over emerging practices in the industry and edgy technologies. It is quite interesting to note that renowned firms like CA Technologies, Dell and Oracle have embraced open source HR for these reasons.

There are several types of high profile open source HR software programs out there. These tools are unbiased when it comes to filtering resumes. Four important parts of the hiring process are people analytics, hiring teams, managers and unbiased HR practitioners. These are four important components of any business that wants to grow.

Another important aspect of open source HR recruitment systems would be reporting. The tools will help you generate monthly/annual reports about your firm’s recruitment process. Once again, the ATS software will remove a massive workload from your recruitment team.