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Whenever there is any requirement of people by the organization, the recruiting team goes active to search and appoint the right person for the right opportunity. This is the generation of digitization, all the companies are growing through change management deploying necessary ideas thought off for the process improvement.  People, nowadays concentrate to reduce physical labor by implementing various projects. Companies are concentrating on developing and deploying various software and tools for their various levels of Department.

Likewise, the Human Resource and recruitment team deploy and install the several top-class recruitment software to make the process smoother, structured and assist in hiring quality employees for the particular requirement.

Know about Application Tracking Solution

The Applicant Tracking Solution is a ‘software’ which is designed for the Human Resource team. These tools are considered to be the Customer Relationship Management built for the tracking process. When the organization is thinking of hiring a person with the selected competencies and skills taking into consideration, the Software enables to filter the selected criteria and fetch the required data.

Purpose of the system

The proposition to develop the ATS is to build a database management system centralized which would endeavor the interview process of the organization.

The software actions in both the ways –

  • The Front-end of the software which is built on the company website captures the information directly for the fulfillment of staffing
  • This can also extract the information from several Job Portals like Linked In, Monster, Hot Jobs, Career Builder, and many others.

The Advantage

The sky is the limit; this would be the perfect phrase to be used for ATS. There is no fixed count of the cell like excel, hence there is no limit to store data. The several recruitment industries adapt this software to make the recruitment process automated. This also enables the process to get a proper structure and the workflow is defined which makes easier to conduct the interview. All the information is collected and securely stored which is governed by the data protection laws. The Software utilizes secured and legitimate firewall for its automation.

One of the best features of the Applicant Tracking Solution is HR department can secure the data with encryption and can hide it from others preventing misuse of the information. However if at any time, any person wants to break through then the data would get trashed automatically.

Social Networking sites like Linked In, Facebook, etc.  can be linked to the software to keep the profile updated. The user can also link the relevant documents like HR Data and files, healthcare records, mental and criminal records and Voting Cards to make the staffing process smoother.