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illustration1The need for automated and engineered application tracking systems has increased drastically over the years. By definition, the applicant tracking system is meant to browse, shortlist and retain resumes for a very long time. The applicant tracking system alias ATS is here to offer staffing agencies and firms the right solution for recruitment. It is a powerful tool that can take care of recruitment completely. Conversely, application tracking systems are here are improve the efficiency of HR divisions. The ATS solution is capable of making the jobs of companies simpler and direct.

Here are few features in application tracking systems to simplify the hiring and recruitment process of your firm

#1 Finding Resumes

First of all, the applicant tracking system reaches and retains candidate resumes. It finds several sources and gathers resumes. This way companies are capable of finding the right candidate at a faster rate. Above all, the ATS solution filters applicants based on the firm’s requirements without fine-tuning or side-tracking to a specific group of candidates.

#2 Resume Management

Resume management is an important feature of application tracking systems. ATS solutions can organize resumes and monitor them effectively. The program will make sure the resume database is managed and updated. Additionally, the applicant tracking system can help in scheduling interviews and hosting other .

#3 Customization and scalability

When compared against traditional recruitment systems, ATS solutions can be scaled and customized per business requirements. This means you can include customized fields, change current status and do a lot more to improve the hiring process. Customization and scalability are two important features of application tracking solutions.

#4 In Built Features

Some of the town’s sophisticated ATS solutions are built with resume compilers. These compilers can extract resumes from social sites, mails and other secondary storage devices. Benefits of the ATS system include the following:

  • Volumes of candidate information can be monitored and filtered from a huge variety of sources. Advanced search functionalities can be used to find that ideal candidate. An efficient application tracking system can filter non-qualified candidates easily.
  • Smooth processing and easy configurability are two important features in application tracking systems. As mentioned previously, you can customize the ATS solution to suit your unique business requirements. The ATS solution will help you maintain data privacy between various departments in your company.
  • Thirdly, applicant tracking systems can reduce time and effort. With the help of automation, you can process thousands of resumes in few seconds.