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Technology that Makes the Life of Candidates Difficult

September 2, 2017

Technology that Makes the Life of Candidates Difficult

In this modern era, most candidates are expected to apply for jobs through a career portal. These are automated application systems that encourage candidates to upload their resume, input personal details and answer questions. Information plays a very important role in the recruitment process. One would be astonished to note that huge companies have thousands and thousands of resumes in their database. Out of which, very few reach the hands of recruiters and are eventually contacted. Though the use of online hiring processes can save the HR from lots of stress and strain, it is not that easy at the candidate’s end.

There is a growing trend of extreme silence after many applications. This is often known as the resume black hole. According to a recent study, the black hole problem is a critical issue in the online job application strategy. Since the 2008 economy crisis, resume black hole reached a folklore status. It has cropped up employment conversations in many nations. With this being said, technology has affected the job experience of candidates in many other ways too. Here are few problems faced by most candidates.

Ignored Applications

A study revealed that many candidate applications are ignored by hiring managers. Voila, doesn’t this sound too bad? Some employers never acknowledge if the resume was received or not. Even millennial and seniors are ignored by various employers. This sums up to 40% of millennial and 45% of seniors. Employer response is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, many staffing solutions don’t offer prompt, humanely responses.

A time consuming process

A lot of candidates daunt the new hiring process. This is because the process of filling online applications takes lots of time. Nearly 30% of the candidates don’t prefer spending more than 15 minutes on a job application. Candidates between 25 and 40 years are believed to be extremely impatient. On the other hand, millennial and senior applicants are ready to spend at least 45 minutes on an application.

Not Staying in touch

It is quite unfortunate that many hiring managers don’t stay in touch for a long time! They don’t request candidates to join employer’s talent communities. This clearly means that the applicant would have a tough time ensuring further communication.

Automated Responses?

As mentioned previously, staffing software generates automated responses. This makes potential and ambitious candidates disheartened. The thought of not knowing if your resume would reach right hands or not can be quite devastating!