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The e-recruitment

September 14, 2018

We are aware that apart from the other requirements, people plays a crucial role to execute the business with the correct solution. The Human Resource team and the hiring team holds the responsibility to carry out the job to identify the competent resource for the development and growth of the business.

Nowadays, the systems are getting developed with Robotics and automation. There are various models built to enhance the system with its performance and quality both. The staffing Software enables the recruiter to maintain records and utilize the same for other crucial functions to improve the performance of the HR and the recruitment department.

Let’s learn more about ATS

The Applicant Tracking Solution is one of the new age recruitment solution which enables increase in the speed of the hiring. This is a hiring software which enables to perform the Hiring process electronically.

Utilization of the software

This staffing Software assists the Human Resource and Hiring department to be organized and structured. Indeed it also helps the organization to save its paper and time. The ATS communicates with the candidate directly and maintain the follow-up to prevent the loss of the resource.  The communication stays effective. The department can easily keep eyes on the information and can track their records accordingly.

The Communication stays effective and also enables the department to filter with the required selection to narrow down the search.

The performance of hiring software

The applicants submit their resume which is processed by using the Applicant Tracking Solution. Once it is submitted, the information gets stored in the application for good. Upon requirement of the Organization, the employer can use ATS to view the entire database of the applicants with the desired qualification.

The presence of certain critical keywords as desired by the employer would help the name of the applicant to get displayed at the top.

Social Media Integration

These days, we all are very likely linked with the social media always, hence you would get that benefit of Social media Integration in the application. This is said, that as strong and vast your network, you would receive various opportunity for which you might be waiting for.

The Social recruiting Software looks out for the social media profile of the applicant for the candidate Selection. The employer perform its screening by going through the Basic Info details of the applicant. The employer can also view the educational qualification, Technical Skills, Work Experience, Rewards and Recognition, recommendations and other details which would showcase the positivity and confidence of the employee.

There are various software developed and available as a platform for e-recruitment for the applicants to apply for the opportunity.