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The New Era

June 8, 2018

The Social Recruitment – a new era in Hiring Process

The Recruitment had always been a crucial process in sourcing the most valuable asset of the organization. We are aware, without Human Support it stands impossible for an organization to grow. However choosing the right person with the desired competency and technical skills is the actual Job of the Human Resource or the recruitment team.

 Introduction of Online Recruitment

Now a days, people are getting dependent on the computer and stays online for the day to fulfill the requirements of the daily life. While everything is preceding towards modernization, the recruitment also had not stopped, there are various software introduced in the market with the objective of the automation in the hiring process.

The online platform had introduced a platform wherein the candidates can create their profile by filling up the necessary details like basic info, technical skills, qualification, recommendations, rewards and Recommendations, CSR activities etc.

 Technology in Recruitment

The Online recruitment had enabled the organization to hire people all across the world. The staffing software helps the organization to accumulate all the details and relevant documents of the applicant at one place. As per the requirement and vacancy in the organization the Human Resource team would get the vacant position filled with the right candidate by selecting it from the pool of data of the applicants.

 Social Recruiting makes the process smoother

During this modernization and digitalization, most of the people hold their accounts in social networking site. However a Job-seeker can easily link their social networking site with the staffing software.

The Social Recruiting is a new methodology wherein the process had got more advanced and easier for the recruitment team to hire the right candidate.

 The Keywords to Optimize

While creating the profile in online recruitment, the candidate may use the keywords which match with the Job Description or the skill sets, the organization is looking for. This would optimize the search and enable the profile to earn high score and reflect in the Top listing. Now a days the social recruiting had gained attraction by various organization.


 Communication always play a crucial role in the hiring process. To get the perfect candidate it is necessary to communicate with the candidate properly and follow up needs to be taken to retain the candidate. The e-recruitment contains the software to consolidate all the necessary information to communicate with the candidate.

Email are sent across to the candidate to inform about the opportunity or vacancy that the organization is looking forward to hire. Sometimes the platform displays the e mail details so that the Job – seekers can easily connect with the hiring team to get selected and receive the opportunity.