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Today’s Hiring Software and its Pros and Cons

August 3, 2018

To first understand the online recruitment system, it is important for one to know ATS or Applicant Tracking System. It is a software application that permits the electronic management of recruitment requirement. With the help of resume optimization, many resumes have been ranked higher in the search results based on the keywords for skills, experience and qualifications. Therefore, this hiring software has helped the companies and industries to hire suitable applicants whose resumes carry the same criteria or keywords that the enterprises are looking for. ATS helps to store all the information and the resume of the candidates in the database forever. Whenever there is a suitable job opportunity, the candidate will be notified by an automated mail. This is how ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and other online job portals work. E-recruitment and ATS are almost similar and interlinked. E-recruitment or online recruitment is the entire online process of finding, attracting, analyzing, interviewing and hiring. It uses the technology of Applicant Tracking System.Sometimes even e-recruitment includes online tests and interviews.ATS has helped both large-scale enterprises and small companies to hire new personnel in a more effective and an efficient manner. This recruitment software has increased the productivity of employer companies who can function easily saving both time and money. The filtering of all the candidates brings out the best candidates who increase the output of the company. ATS’s post job advertisements on all the job boards, filter the job applicants based on keywords and allows the recruiters to communicate with applicants via emails. The keywords demanded by the employer gauge the applicants’ skills, experiences and qualifications. ATS also filters out those that fail to meet the requirement. Rating and numerically scored and are called for human review or personal interviews.

Some recruiters prefer sticking to manual recruitment while others rely more on technological advancement. Like all things, this hiring software has both pros and cons.


  • It saves time and money. This is the strongest selling point of modern day hiring software. The automated software scans the all the resumes and the applications and chooses the best one fit for the job role. It takes only a few minutes to run the process and so it is also cost-efficient.
  • Increases efficiency as the best applicants is selected according to the criteria and the keywords.
  • Helps in easier communication with applicants and establishes a cordial relationship management with them. The candidates can remain updated on their submission of resumes. This improves the candidate experience too.
  • Matching and scoring system can help to find the best candidates by customization and weeds out the poor matching candidates thus simplifying the overall process.


  • Many have complained the system to be unreliable and inaccurate. The applications designed in an unorthodox style and complex form are not selected. One has to follow the guidelines to make a good resume. This way sometimes, even the potential candidates are missed out. Human skills of choosing a candidate are reduced to depending on a number of keywords.
  • Candidates are eliminated without any solid reason and they never receive a notice of this decision. Sometimes even scanners fail to read the applications.
  • Resumes are automatically rejected if they reach the limit for submission in some ATS. Sometimes even they limit the information applicants can provide due to character restricted application fields. This can eliminate a perfectly suitable candidate for the position.