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Why are Applicant Tracking Solutions Useful?

August 12, 2017


How Applicant Tracking Systems Helps Employers and Job Seekers

The very first step in any hiring process is your resume reaching the hands of a recruiter. In just few split seconds, recruiters make decisions of whether your profile has to be considered or not. According to a recent study, many promising profiles are rejected by hiring managers due to humane reasons. This is one of the major reasons behind the need for applicant tracking solutions. These are sophisticated software programs that scan through resumes and decide if it suits a role or not! Voila, doesn’t this sound like a fail proof way of handling candidates? An ATS is of great help to both the recruiter and the candidate.

What is ATS?

By definition, the applicant tracking solution handles a company’s recruitment process. It works by sorting, scanning and filtering thousands of profiles. The program is designed to identify profiles that best fit a position. Application tracking systems tend to process resumes in a fair manner. This means candidates with relevant skills and experience are bound to reach the hands of a recruiter.

So, why do hiring managers rely on applicant tracking solutions? It is quite evident that an ATS solution can save both time, money and paper. It is a great way to stay organized. Without the help of applicant tracking systems, recruiters should spend hours scanning profiles, shredding papers, moving files and creating reports. With an applicant tracking system, employers don’t have to worry about the risks of deleting mails or resumes. The software solution makes everything easy for hiring teams. It acts as a hub of candidate information. Companies that receive thousands of resumes every day, find these solutions extremely handy. Just like software programs that manage customer information, ATS takes care of potential and prospective candidates.

How does the ATS work?

The applicant tracking system works in a very unique fashion. The program receives applications from online portals and social media websites. The ATS stores resumes for a specific period of time too! When recruiters search through the database with “job roles, keywords and titles”, ATS ranks candidates based on keywords in the resume. This means, your profile will be ranked by the applicant tracking system, if you have the right skills (for a specific role). Applicant tracking systems can be customized in many ways. Employers have complete command of how the hiring software functions. Meanwhile, ideal candidates will be filtered by the software. This increases the chances of a job seeker, bagging an interview opportunity.