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eRecruitment is one of the many pros of the Internet age

March 25, 2016

Human Resource System

Email Is the Best Practice for Recruiting Organizations

eRecruitment is one of the many pros of the internet age. Employers from a wide range of industries are now regularly emailing recruits for job openings. The use of online staffing software has also made it much easier to efficiently manage candidate requisitions and applications at the same time. As an employer you need to email your candidates with the most critical information about the job. Providing timely and correct position related information to the candidate helps insure the candidate clearly understand the position requirements and expectations and builds their confidence while keeping them in the loop.  Communication is the ‘key’ and email provides an instant handshake with your prospective team member.

Connecting a candidate to the job

Obviously, online recruitment doesn’t have the personal touch that an interview would but it creates and remains an important connection between the candidate and the intended job. Never assume the person you are sending the email to has already decided to leave their current job. In fact, it is advisable not to assume that he or she will be interested in your job opening. While single-candidate emails are sometimes preferable you might opt for social recruiting to increase your chances of landing the appropriate employee from a myriad of prospects. You just have to make sure that your message is clear and descriptive about the job, including description, compensation range and other terms are clear enough to allow for good decision making on the candidates’ part.

Packaging your message well

In the recruitment process, sometimes the difference between seeing real qualified candidates or landing the right employee and having a poor response lies in the way you craft your message. Take the time to come up with an enticing yet direct message to your candidate. It should be concise, yet relevant and informational such that the candidate won’t have to spend five minutes reading it. The candidate should be able to understand it clearly and quickly. Your message should also direct and crafted in such a way that the candidate see the obvious advantage working for your company.

Finally, always wrap things up by telling your candidates why you think they would be the best fit for your job opening and how your company would be a benefit to their career.  Its OK to be a little assumptive here by using the language “We look forward to having you on the team!”. Obviously, be sure to include your contact information so they can get back to you in case they have any additional questions or would like to accept your offer. However challenging it may be, email still remains the best option recruiting new talent. You competitors will use it – you just need to use it more efficiently and capture the conversation early.  Human resource departments ‘live and die’ by their prospective candidates email list ensuring they are one step away from that ultimate employee. Online eRecruitment systems organize and manage that ‘golden candidate email list’ while optimizing the email communication process allowing you to make better recruiting decisions and close qualified candidates faster.