Choosing the Right Open Source Free HR Software Wisely

Are you looking for free open source HR software? Do you want to experience the benefits of open source recruitment? Well, open source software packages are labelled as media friendly programs.

An Electronic Way of Handling Recruitment

By definition, the applicant tracking system supports electronic handling of a company’s recruitment requirements. The applicant tracking solution is quite easy to implement. It can be accessed from the internet and integrated with the company’s HR strategy.

AppliView is the modern cloud based ATS for the modern recruiting

AppliView is a modern recruitment system that can be implemented in both small business and enterprise level. The way you set up the system depends on your company’s technical resources. In most cases, it is meant to recruit candidates effectively and efficiently. The web based portal will make sure you recruit the finest technical talent … Continue reading “AppliView is the modern cloud based ATS for the modern recruiting”

eRecruitment is one of the many pros of the Internet age

E-recruitment is one of the numerous pros of the internet age. Employers from different spectrums are always emailing recruits for job openings. The use of staffing software has also made it way easier to manage different personalities at the same time. As an employer you ought to email your candidates with the most critical information … Continue reading “eRecruitment is one of the many pros of the Internet age”