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Why it’s hard to find qualified candidates?

April 28, 2016

Applicant Tracking Software SolutionQualified candidates who are worthy of the post are rare when you search them amidst the millions of applications. The ATS is very helpful software in this regard since it catalogues the candidates based on their qualification. Many recruiters face this particular trouble and it can arise from obscure information provided by candidates. Here we have provided the problems as well as their solutions related to find a worthy candidate for a job.

One of the major hindrances that recruiter face these days is finding a candidate who is qualified enough for their types of job. The candidate selection is a long process and a very trying one and when you are recruiting the candidates it is important to ensure that you get the worthy candidates. Selecting a candidate who has proper qualification that is essential for the job role for which he or she is being selected is important. Here are some of the troubles recruiter face while searching qualified candidate and how they can avoid the problems through the applicant tracking system.

Lack of proper certification

While the practical application of their knowledge is very important, the certificates that evidences they are worthy cannot be completely ignored. However many applicants do not have proper certification of the skills which they might require for a particular post I your office. Hence it becomes difficult to tell apart which candidate more is worthy.

Lost among the crowd

When you advertise for an empty post, there are many thousands of applications which you are likely to get. However the majority of the applications are not always fulfilling your need, while on the other hand, the ones who deserve gets lost among so many applications. With the help of e-recruitment you can easily keep track of the application that you get and accordingly the worthy candidates among them.

They are already employed

In most cases the ones who truly have the quality as a worthy employee, have already been employed by one or the other company. You can easily find the details of the best candidates among those who are unemployed still by filtering the applications through the ATS with the help of proper keywords. This will save your time and money as well over the entire process.

The solution

You can easily take the help of Apliview and sort this trouble. There are many who are worthy of the post and the software would help you track them very easily. There are many options for tracking candidates over the internet through this application.

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