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ATS Solution As a Candidate Management System

November 14, 2016

Applicant Tracking System Software

Applicant Tracking Software

The very first step in nailing a job interview would be the process of getting your resume selected. Many split decisions are made during this process. A lot of worthy applications don’t reach the right hands on time. Some recruiters spend less than ten seconds analyzing applications. This is when resumes go missing and misinterpreted. If you are pondering how to overcome such issues in your organization, you should go for an Application Tracking Software alias ATS. The application tracking solution helps resumes survive! Doesn’t this sound interesting? Here are top few points you should understand about an ATS solution.

A Handled Recruitment Process

By definition, the applicant tracking system takes care of the recruitment process. It scans through several thousand resumes and figures the best ones for a given position. If the applicant tracking system finds a resume useful, it will keep track of it! Keywords are used to track resumes automatically. This way resumes with spelling errors, lack of necessary skills and experience can be rejected easily.

Many employers use applicant tracking systems to stay organized and up to date. Without these solutions, recruiters should spend endless hours deleting mails, shredding papers and filling files. The applicant tracking solution will make sure the right resume doesn’t get deleted at any chance. Also, it helps recruiters keep track of applicants in structured tabs. This is why the ATS solution is considered as a candidate management system.

ATS and Social Networking

One would be astonished to know that ATS solutions are used actively with social media networks. The database syncs with key social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook! These are two important social media sites where employers and employees dwell actively. Employers can instruct their ATS system to browse through resumes and verify them across social media sites. Over the years, networking has become an important part of job search. Employees with a firm social media presence are likely to bag promising jobs than the rest. In fact, the ATS solution scans to find the best details about a person. Facts like your skills, education and work experience are carefully filtered by the applicant tracking systems.

Last but certainly not least, the ATS solution stores candidate information for a very long time. As a candidate management system, critical details about candidates who prove to be worthy employees are stored for years in the ATS system.