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Top recruitment problems that you can avoid with appliview

May 12, 2016

Applicant Tracking Software

The ATS is very helpful software for all those who are looking for worthy candidates for their companies. The software helps to filter and find a truly skilled and worthy candidate through a series of skill tests. The companies usually recruited through the recruiting agencies which you can avoid. The software in all is a very cost effective alternative to any other means of recruitment.

Recruitment can get delayed by a number of factors and when you have to manage the entire process on your own, chances of human errors cannot be completely overlooked. However when you have the aid of applicant tracking software or ATS, a lot of burden gets reduced for you. Here are some of the factors which are advantageous particularly when you use the application like apliview properly.

Multiple job board handling

The ATS integrates a large number of job boards and social media to ensure that you have proper management of the job. There are numbers of job board even when you use the software but they are all well managed and categorised properly which help to keep track of the candidates or applicants easily.

Storing candidate records

At times you can get a very good candidate over emails or other sources, but since you received them through a method you rarely keep tab of, often the information is lost and you miss a worthy candidate due to it. However with the help of the e-recruitment software you can ensure that every record of the candidates is maintained and that you have enough access to them. The software saves our time which otherwise you would have to dedicate to cataloguing of the new candidates.

You need not depend on recruiting agencies

There are many agencies which keep a record of the best candidates and hence a number of companies depend on them for a worthy candidate. However using the staffing software will ensure that you have access to new candidates very easily and that you do not have to worry about employing a third party to find for your company a better sets of employee.

Avoid interviewing to many candidates

The software has the facilities like skill based tests which will allow you to interview the candidates very easily. The skill tests would help you distinguish the ones who are truly skilful among all the candidates. You can easily narrow down you choices to 3-4 candidates and then interview them and select the best.